1 March 2015

Anniversary @ RockPoint Resort Laguna

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Pardon for the late post.

Leonard and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary at Rockpoint resort Laguna last January 22. Wow, 1 year na pala kami noh? Haha, actually I didn't expect that we'll last one year. Minsan kasi para kaming mga aso't pusa at ang lakas din naman magdrama pag nag-aaway kami. But good thing with my boyfriend is that we won't allow our fights to last until the next day (as much as possible). Usapan namin kasi yun para hindi namin mahate yung isa't isa lalo na kung petty fights lang naman.

Anyway, dapat sa batangas kami magcecelebrate ng anniversary namin kaso hindi pwede so nagday tour nalang kami sa Laguna. 

Rockpoint Resort

Tiny tea - a teatox tale

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I'm not really a tea drinker, well not unless if it's milk tea but then I began to fancy drinking it when Leonard and I frequently go to Chinese restaurants and they always have tea (free tastes are better, you know. lol). Anyway, I learned Tiny tea when browsing through my IG account. Thanks to Teatoxph! It is the official Distributor of YourTea in the Philippines. The transaction was smooth and I got my order the next day.

Pink is for Tiny.. Tiny Tea!
So what does Tiny tea do? Based on the email I got from my seller here are the benefits of drinking Tiny tea:
  • gets rid of bloating/belly bloat
  • clears skin impurities
  • detoxifies body from unwanted toxins
  • regulates bowel movement without the laxative effect
  • speeds up metabolism
  • relieves constipation
  • reduces water retention
  • improves blood circulation
  • curbs sugar/sweet cravings
  • eliminates bad and fatty oil in the body
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • relaxes the mind, body, and soul
  • calms the senses/relieves stress
Well, that's a  lot right? But what I'm really happy about drinking Tiny tea is that it clears skin impurities and relieves stress. For me, that's the benefits that I really got from drinking it. I tried the Tiny Tea 14-day teatox program and after that 14 day program, I ordered again.
I got freebies on my second order  <3  (but it is much cheaper if only I ordered the 28 day). 

Ryuzaki and his affair with Tiny
And just like Ryuzaki, I love Tiny tea. <3
What not to expect?
Drinking tiny tea WON'T make you lose weight. So if you're thinking that drinking this will do the miracles for you, I regret to tell you that it's not. But it will help of course, I noticed that it suppress my sweet cravings. So if you love Hersheys, Cadbury, and Ferrero (like me), tiny tea will make you forget them. In fact, I already forgot my sinful affair with them I mean it... really. They are now just sitting in the fridge for weeks now. haha.

Right now, I paused from drinking tiny tea since I need to take a break from it for two weeks after 28 days. I'm now eyeing for the Skin Magic Tea, another product from YourTea, I guess this will be the next tea that I will try if budget permits. tehehe

11 January 2015

Diet Diva for A Week

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It's so obvious that I'm not healthy nor getting any better in shape. You see, I have this on and off relationship with my weight. And this is by far my biggest weight.. err. With constant eating out at night and my love for sweets (my weakness), it's no surprise that I got big this much.

Actually, last year I had a challenge-which is to attain my ideal weight until the first week of January this year. Well well well, I did not attain that goal and worse, gained a few more pounds.shocks! Not really proud of it. Then the realization came in when a colleague of mine died recently because of heart attack (he's just 26!). So I need to start living healthy (no junks, no more fast foods) as in NOW. Do I need to mention that I have PCOS? I just learned it last year, so it's really a must for me to have a healthy lifestyle. To jumpstart my #balikalindog2015 program (lol), I tried Diet Diva for a week.

Healthy Meals at your doorstep

4 January 2015

Sonya's Garden and Bag of Beans - Tagaytay 2015

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This is the third part of my Tagaytay 2015 series. First part is here and second part here.

After Caleruaga, our next stop was at Sonya's Garden. We didn't eat or buy anything here. We just checked to see what's the buzz all about the place. Sonya's Garden is a garden (of course), not an ordinary garden mind you. But what really caught my attention was their Proposal Garden.  With all those proposal thing happening at my Facebook newsfeed, having one here will sure gained tons of likes. And what's not to like? The place is soo romantic - a garden full of flowers, lights, a lovely music playing plus a delicious food and all you have to do is to say 'Yes!'... okay okay, haha feel ko lang ganyan yung eksena ng mga nagproposed na dun sa garden. Ang sweet lang. 
Proposal Garden

Tagaytay 2015 - Caleruega

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This is the second part of my Tagaytay 2015 series. First part is here.

So after our lunch in Mahogany Market. We went to Caleruega. Caleruega is a Retreat Center administered by Fathers and Brothers of the Dominican. Ang ganda ng lugar. Photogenic. It is like I was in Baguio pero hindi naman. If only I was still in high school, I would suggest to my school to have our retreat here. Maraming area din dito na pang photo ops. A good place to have your pre-nup shoot. The area is still decorated with Christmas lanterns and lights that added to the attraction of the place. Kung gabi siguro kami pumunta dito, the place will look so splendid with all those lanters and lights.

Caleruega Chuch - Leonard took this photo

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